Dr. Charles Walker, teaches students how to become foreign missionary for National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.

The Foreign Mission Workshop Teacher, Dr. Walker


At the age of thirty six I went to the National Baptist Congress with the lady who had become my mentor, Sister Estelle Rawls one who had just brought me from the Matrons to the General Mission, and at this time I truly didn’t have a real zeal or understanding about mission.  Upon arriving at the National Baptist Congress, I didn’t know what to take this was my first time, so I went into the Foreign Mission class with Sis Rawls. I must say that it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.  In this class, I met the most energetic, powerful teacher whose love for the Lord was felt by the entire class and also love for the work that he was doing on the foreign front Dr. Charles Walker.  Dr. Walker Chairman to Dr. William J. Harvey the Executive Secretary of the Foreign Mission Board told us of the many needs on the foreign front, hunger being the most pressing problem how we could help and get our churches involved, the seed churches, the missionaries on the field, the pastors who go from station to station to spread the gospel to all nations, and their way of traveling. The hospital in Malawi, and the need for expansion, and repairs of the hospital that was built by the women of the National Baptist as a maternity hospital, but house aids patients. Also the schools that were not so good at this time.  I experienced a call to the mission field at this time, but with three children in school this is the only reason that I didn’t seek go on the foreign front because I had children and didn’t want to sacrifice them not going to school, so I prayed and asked the Lord and he said to me “ you do mission where you are.” I have been very busy since this time.  We were taught about The Demand of Believers in All Ages (1) That even a cup of water should be given in the name of Jesus. (we shouldn’t receive any credit.) (2) The Gospel should be spread until It has been spread to all nations and corners of the world.  We must be witnesses.  Every action and word must exemplify Christ.

The Results of Mission in The Local Church  

When we do our jobs men will come into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Individual believers are strengthened, and their faith increased in the process of witnessing to the unsaved and being party to their rebirth.  In a thriving church the Gospel has to be central, there has to be witnessing, and where there is, there is joy.  A witnessing church is a joyful church, a giving church.  These are only some of the notes that I have from June 1983, Memphis TN. The class size was about one hundred.  In my graduating year of 1987 Richmond, Va., here is a few of the notes: Don’t let anyone stop you from doing mission work regardless of what your past is.  The woman who had five husbands was more diligent in mission work than anyone else.  She went and brought a whole town to meet Jesus.  We’re ambassadors for Christ, an ambassador is one who works for a foreign government and whatever you do you must keep in touch with your embassy.  Dr. Walker gave us a rekindling, he stirred up what was in us, said to us”If you don’t give up, Jesus will show up and with power.”   I write these comments with tears in my eyes as I look over these notes that I’ve kept, and remember the then, and now, and how these words have affected my life.  The effects run deep. Since then , I led evangelism for five year, many thanks to Pastor Grandville Smith who allowed us to go as often as we could, also who taught us that if we didn’t plan to go, that we wouldn’t go, and after five years of leadership, we had tenure, by then another person was trained to carry on the work. Praise God! I still serve on the committee as Co Chairman,  has served as  Mission President for the past fourteen years, serve as teacher of Mission in Great lakes District Association for two years, serve as Field Leader of World Mission in Wolverine State Convention for sixteen years, Chairman of Foreign Mission in Great Lakes District Association  for eighteen years, I keep my Pastor informed,  Moderator, and Women’s Auxiliary President informed of the needs in the Foreign Mission as well as Home Mission. There is now a need for two hundred hymnals on the foreign front and maybe you cannot send them all but remember that a pie comes in slices, slice off your piece and then we will have a whole pie.  I serve as 1st Vice President of the Great Lakes Dist. Association Women’s Auxiliary.  I have done discipleship training in jail ministry, served as Sunday school teacher for seniors, ages fifteen through eighteen years of age for (27) years and now adults for five (5) years. I will always remember Dr. Walker.  He visited my church from time to time on our Mission Sundays with the greatest smile as he listened, and saw the work going on in the church that he trained me to do under the leadership of my pastor Dr. Henry L. Fuller, Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Flint Michigan who has also been a blessing.  He teaches and says to us never forget the poor, or the least of these, and is found often emptying his pockets to help someone.  My youngest daughter was then six years old and attended this class with me she is now thirty seven, has a four year old and does mission in her community as a community organizer as well as in her church especially in helping with the youth.  She is a member of The Trinity Baptist Church of Richmond Va. Dr. A. Lincoln James is Pastor. My daughter Cheryl Gallon ministry is music at the Grace Emanuel Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor, Marvin Jennings. My son, Clifton who has been relocated, served in prison ministry at Lake Providence Missionary Baptist Church, Nashville Tn. Rev. John Maxwell Pastor.  Dr. Walker was a great part of my inspiration to serve this present age. I am humbled that God is using me to reach in and out to the least of these, and to make disciples of all nations. What a blessing!  A charge to keep I have, a God to glorify who gave his son our soul to save, and fit it for the sky. To serve this present age, my calling to fulfill oh may it all my pow’rs engage to do my Masters will.

It is my desire to go on foreign soil, but hasn’t been able to do so at this time.  I was told at the Foreign Mission booth in Orlando Florida, that there is a trip in November of 2012, and I’m hopeful as well as prayful.  TO God be the glory.



I met Dr. Walker in the Foreign Mission, Dr. Nettie Walker Woods in United Theological Seminary as instructor in the English and speech Dept., and Dr. Carolyn Walker at the National Congress in the Advanced Leadership Workshop.  Praise God for them all.